Online Portfolio of Illustrations by freelance illustrator Robin Max Marder.

Drawing a fashion illustration, an editorial illustration or a commercial illustration is a special kind of art. We all know these stylish illustrations - of a woman or a girl - that seduce us to descent in an extraordinary world of colors, figures, and elusive patterns.
No matter if you look at an ad illustration, a CD cover image, an illustration for a magazine, an art work for sale, or a book cover design illustration - it is always the artist, the illustrator who invites us to step into his universe.
Most of the art work we know from advertisements, book covers, and magazines are freelance illustrations, designed by a freelance illustrator like Robin Max Marder.
And for a freelance illustrator, the art work presented in his illustration portfolio is the result of more than just several jobs.
"Selling art work online or in any other form always implies that the illustrator meets or exceeds the client's expectations," says Robin Max Marder, Berlin illustrator and artist, who has been published in several German and international magazines like Focus, Der Spiegel, Chip, and Men's Health, just to name a few.
An illustration sale is much more than just a freelance illustrator job. When a client likes the illustrator portfolio, most of the time a custom illustration image is ordered - an art work for sale.
"Actually, you sell a feeling, an emotion," he adds, "no matter if you buy a digital illustration or a traditional art work, a CD cover image, a gif for your web site or even a character development for a Flash animation."
Robin Max Marder, who recently started to work for a well-known full service agency, is now looking for clients in the ad, publishing, and music business as completion to his work for magazines and renowned stock agencies like Illustration Works in Seattle, Washington, USA, a subsidiary of Ghetty Images, and the Apple Agency, UK.
When asked if he has any advise for illustrator rookies, Robin smiles and says:
"Drawing, drawing, drawing. There is only one way to find your own style, and to become successful in the end: constant practice."
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